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Men's makeup

"TOUPIE MakeUp makes men look good too!"

Men's makeup has proved its worth in the media. TV journalists, actors and politicians all know how much an immaculate appearance can add to their charisma. More than 56% of you have searched for information on the subject (according to a survey by

And 35% of you already secretly use makeup in the form of invisible gels and creams.

Men's makeup allows men to: 

- Reduce dark shadows and signs of fatigue when they get off a plane and head straight into a meeting.

- Cover up that spot threatening to spoil the clear appearance of their face

- Tame unruly eyebrows and reshape them if necessary.

- Even out a slightly blotchy or muddy complexion.

- Emphasise their best bits: eyes, mouth, bone structure.

- Look their best for a photo shoot.

- Be sure of having that "just back from holiday" look all year round.

The products are carefully designed to improve the appearance of skinin men aged 20 to 80! You won't see them and you won't feel them.

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